Global Initiative to Combat Nuclear Terrorism (GICNT)

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Implementation and Assessment Group

The Implementation and Assessment Group (IAG), chaired by The Netherlands, is charged with implementing priorities identified by the Plenary and ensuring GICNT activities are coordinated and complementary to other international efforts. The IAG is currently focused on developing and executing a flexible work program that produces practical results for the GICNT through three working groups:


The Nuclear Detection Working Group (NDWG), chaired by Finland, is building and enhancing national detection capabilities by providing practical deliverables to raise awareness, transferring knowledge and experience, and providing guidance to detection experts.


The Response and Mitigation Working Group (RMWG), chaired by Morocco, examines best practices and techniques related to crises or emergencies when the immediate or potential threat exists to human life as a result of a radiological/nuclear terrorist threat or incident.


The Nuclear Forensics Working Group (NFWG), chaired by Australia, is developing guidance and activities that raise awareness of nuclear forensics, assist partners to develop core capabilities, foster intergovernmental relationships, and share best practices.